Experience the rich, diverse history of The Bahamas displayed at our Museum. Learn about our people, culture, crafts and the archaeology and anthropology of The Bahamas. Exhibits to see: the Lucayans, Columbus, the Eleutherians, Pirates, Fortifications, Loyalists, African Slavery and Emancipation, Junkanoo, ‘Bush’ Medicine, WWI, Civil Rights, Independence and Ecofacts.

Visit our museum and learn about our history and culture.

Once the home of the Imperial Order of the Daughters of the Empire, (IODE), the museum houses fascinating artefacts covering the entire history of The Bahamas.

When Columbus arrived in the islands, they were inhabited by the Lucayans.
Learn about their history before and after 1492.

The New World.

The Loyalists arrived in The Bahamas, complete with their entire households,
including slaves, after the American Revolution.
They were British Loyalists who did not want to stay in America as an independent nation.

Their arrival drastically changed the demographics of the islands.

PIRATES! Some of the most notorious pirates made their home in the islands, including the infamous Blackbeard.

The West India Regiment was based in The Bahamas and was stationed at Fort Charlotte and (now long gone) Fort Nassau.
The only fort to see action was Fort Montagu, when the Spanish invaded New Providence.

Nassau is the capital of The Bahamas, located on New Providence island. It has a fascinating history, which is shown in our special displays.

Our world famous carnival, held around the Christmas season, has roots in Africa.
It began as a celebration held by slaves.