We welcome your membership fees and donations to Bahamas Historical Society to assist us in ensuring that others experience our history.

Membership Information:

Categories of Membership and Fees:

A Individual Membership:                                         B Company Membership:

1 Student (5 – 18 years)               $10                          1 Ordinary                        $100

2 Active                                         $30                          2 Contributing                  $200

3 Contributing                               $50                          3 Supporting                     $300

4 Supporting                                  $80                         4 Sustaining                      $500

5 Sustaining                                   $100                       5 Patron                            $1,000

6 Life                                             $1,000                     6 Sponsor                         $2,000

7 Fellow                                        $2,000                     7 Benefactor                     $3,000

Each paid up member will receive our annual Journal. Renewal Fees due every 1st January.

Payment can be made by cheque or on-line banking – details below.

Bank: Royal Bank of Canada   Branch  05625   Account number  1102466.
Beneficiary name: bahamas hist society (this is the official name THE BAHAMAS HISTORICAL  SOCIETY)

Methods to send funds to the Society: 

Local – Persons should enter the information above in their online banking account and state the purpose of their submission.  That is, membership, advertisements, donations, etc.

International: Payment needs to be by cheque or wire transfer.